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During the first three years of a child’s life, their brain is developing rapidly.  They take in everything around them, absorbing it like a sponge.  Our Montessori Pre-Primary program (for two-year-olds) is designed with this in mind, to support your child’s development through guided exploration of our thoughtfully and beautifully prepared environment.  

Our classroom features muted, natural lighting, an ordered environment, and attractive, stimulating materials designed for them.  It is designed to spark your child’s inner scientist, explorer, and creator.  

Our teachers will help to guide your toddler with activities designed to promote independence, coordination, cooperation, and a sense of pride as they succeed and learn to care for themselves.  They will gain empathy for others as they are encouraged to help one another, care for their friends, and discuss their feelings.  Our teachers focus on respecting and caring for your child in a way that conveys love, acceptance, and encouragement. 


Before School and After School programs are available. A hot lunch is served family style to all students.