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The Montessori Elementary classroom is centered on exciting research-based learning. Elementary children initiate their own small-group projects which engage their intellectual and imaginative minds. The trained Montessori teacher guides the children with small-group, large-group and individualized lessons, directing each child toward developing reasoning abilities and life skills. This is accomplished in a special mixed-age environment where freedom of movement, planning, decision-making and relationship skills are emphasized.

Elementary children have a strong desire to understand the universe and their own place within it. They are driven to explore all facets of human culture. Areas of study in the Elementary community include art, biology, geometry, mathematics, history, geography and language. Music and Spanish classes are also integrated into the weekly schedule. The children are encouraged to explore all areas of study with research projects and trips outside the classroom to visit the local community (perhaps libraries, the  nearby assisted living center, museums, stores, factories or farms). Our approach to education is inclusive and interdependent, stimulating a sense of connection not only between adults and children in our school community, but between each child and all humanity. We support the Elementary child’s innate need to have a role in bettering our world.

Before/After School and Lunch

Before School and After School programs are available. A hot lunch is served family style to all students.